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Make Every Second Count

by transformedheartministries

Transformed Heart’s morning of worship today was a wonderful time of entering God’s presence together and ministry. The headline of today’s newspaper read, “Make Every Second Count” and that was the theme of the morning. The Holy Spirit came in power and women were repenting of fear and hopelessness in the areas of marriage and […]

How Is Your Financial Health?

by transformedheartministries

Come to The Upcomming Financial Health Seminar  with Transformed Heart Ministries Space is Limited when: July 18th 10am-12pm where: 4560 Vista De La Tierra, Del Mar CA 92014 Georgette O’Brien and Laurie Johnson will be speaking on Finances and you won’t want to miss it. Laurie is a personal financial organizer with over 20 years […]

Worship Night 6/27

by transformedheartministries

WORSHIP NIGHT with Transformed Heart June 27 10-11am ! Come and excersize you spiritual muscles and join us for a morning of worship at Georgette O’Brien’s home 4560 Vista De La Tierra, Del Mar, CA 92014 CD’s will be for sale from this year’s meetings.

Monday Nights With Transformed Heart Meetings Available on CDs!

by transformedheartministries

Monday Nights with Transformed Heart meetings have ended for now but the blessings from these meetings still continue. They are now available to buy on CDs. We recently had a testimony of a person getting healed after listening to a testimony on a CD recording of one of our meetings. Another person had a financial breakthrough after listening […]

Recap of 2011-2012: Year of Breaking Unbelief

by transformedheartministries

Transformed hearts makes transformed lives which transform cities. This is the year our ministry not only utilized the foundation class to impact lives, but also added Monday Evenings at Coastline Community Church. These Monday evenings gave way to people to use their God-given gifts to impact others. Our trained leaders rose to the position of teachers, and lives were impacted. We are thankful for all who were a party of this expansion of the ministry and lives. We look forward to minister more together in the future.

Season Finale @ Transformed Heart

Transformed Heart’s assignment since September was to establish identity in Christ and restore belief in a Big God who is supernatural, and loving in nature; whose heart is always for his sons and daughters and longs to restore all the enemy has tried to defraud us of. We have looked at who we are as […]

Transformed Heart’s evening with Andy Glover

by transformedheartministries

Using Elijah and Elisha as a reference, Andy Glover challenged us to think like sons and daughters by serving our “fathers and mothers”.

If we can understand this than we will fully understand our inheritance and identity in God the Father. We will be fully persuaded of His love for us, and the kingdom of God will manifest on the earth. We will no longer walk in a powerless gospel; but full of life, love, and power to take back all the enemy has stolen. This is what Jesus came to live, teach, and demonstrate on earth. Our fullness as son and daughters are in Him.

What a great God we serve.

Returning to the Father’s Love

by transformedheartministries

Mark 2 & 3 began our time together. As we looked to see that the primary purpose of Jesus was to reveal to us the love of the Father, to become sons and daughters, and to live in his love. Signs, wonders, and headings were secondary- a manifestation of the Father’s love. It is easier to pursue healing than to receive the Father’s love because it is an experience of the heart not an event. Once we have received the Father’s love then we are fully persuaded of who we are and our inheritance in the Kingdom. Love flows and healing comes naturally. Many have sought healings, but not the healer and the result has been a fanfare of gaudy parades seeking an event- rather than the still small voice of a loving Fathers who longs for us to fellowship with Him. Return to your first love, to the things you first did when you found Him (Revelations 2). Let His love flow through you first, and signs of wonders will follow naturally.