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Linda Bretow Shines Teaching for Transformed Heart Ministries

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Linda Bretow taught at the Monday Night Meeting on the orphan spirit. Unless you have the identity of a son or daughter, even if you are attending church you never feel like you belong there. She also taught at the Leading by Discipleship Class for Transformed Heart Ministries on bitterness. She is a powerful speaker […]

Gary Goodell Speaks on Monday Night with Transformed Heart Ministries 10/24

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This Monday Transformed Heart Ministries  had the pleasure of welcoming guest speaker Gary Goodell of Third Day Churches. He spoke on the difference between the “informational” church and the “radical relational” church. As North American Christians we have learned to rely on the church to provide us with information. However this church experience lacks power because […]

Monday Night Worship 10/17

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Monday Nights with Transformed Heart has been creating an environment where people feel safe to try things with boldness and freedom to learn to express their gifts. One woman who had never shared before came forward to give words of knowledge and brought powerful ministry to a couple. What if the couple had been in […]

Eyes Are Seeing & Ears Are Opening!

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Carrying on from a message that we carried to the United Nations in September, we have been pressing in on Monday nights at Coastline for new eyes to see things differently and ears to open to hear from a heavenly perspective. This last week Georgette went for her yearly eye appointment only to find the […]

Monday Night Worship Party

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Monday Nights with Transformed Heart Every other Monday we will be having worship at Coastline as part of our meetings. These are times of getting in God‘s presence and letting Him run the meeting. There is no agenda, no teaching, no formalities. Last Monday night, 10/3 was the inaugural meeting and God did not let us […]