Beth Moseley

With such gratitude, I want to thank you for all that has been poured into me over the years through the ministry of Transformed Heart. Not only have I been blessed, but my family continues to be blessed beyond all measure. God is amazing.

“I can positively say that I have taken back my life…”

freedom and dancing for joy

I have walked with the Lord for over 25 years. In the past couple of years since I started taking the Leading through Ministry Classes (formerly Prayer Counseling), I can positively say that I have taken back my life and stopped the assault and outright attack that Satan has had on my life. I am […]

“This ministry they let the light of Christ show the deep roots…”

healing hands

I did not know what to expect from Georgette’s ministry, and specifically these classes. I was surprised at the simplicity of the training and how effective it is. It’s amazing! During my personal ministry time, the ladies asked questions and allowed the Spirit to move. I thought I had already visited the issues we got […]

Michele Gaeta, New Venture Church

victory sunset photo

“I have been a bible study leader for many years and grew tired of seeing the same people every year come back, knowledgeable of the Word, but no victory in their life. I needed some tools to help them. I came to this class to help them to move on in their walk in the […]

“I got a revelation of the truth about myself…”


I didn’t have specific expectations for this class series – I was willing for God to use it as He willed. I was surprised to receive so much personal healing. I got a revelation of the truth about myself which has sent me on a long and wonderful journey of inner healing. One of the […]

Gary Goodell, Third Day Churches, Inc.

heart in pages of the bible

“It has been my privilege to be in relationship with Michael and Georgette O’Brien since 1996, as they have served in many aspects of ministry in the Greater San Diego area. They have served in leadership with the San Diego Vineyard, as well as giving counsel and support to many ministries outside of the local […]