Mike and Georgette, endorsements

Georgette is a woman after God’s heart.  She’s a networker, an intercessor, an evangelist, very prophetic, and a tireless keeper of the faith.  She’s the type of woman who is “naturally supernatural” as she goes through the everyday functions of life.  Maybe most important of all, she’s a teacher and a “mother” to those who are new in the move of Holy Spirit in this present day.  She’s able to take Kingdom principles and relate them to everyday experiences we all have.  Both men and women are drawn to her because she speaks truth, she calls others into their destiny, and she gently (and sometimes not so gently when the occasion calls for it) guides them into an experience with the Living God we can relate to.

She and her husband Mike have walked with us through both hard times and good times, and have always been there for us –loving us whether we were right or wrong.  Her support has been instrumental to our ministry in so many ways.  I think she has much to teach us all, but it’s her years of walking out Kingdom principles that is so evident — and needed in this day — that is so compelling about her.  We are proud and honored to endorse Georgette and her ministry.

Bill and Carol Dew
Dewnamis Ministries, Inc.

Georgette brings a bold confidence to the incarcerated women of Rainbow Prison.  Her ability to break through cultural and institutional barriers expedites ministry and connection.  She has a natural candor with the women, and speaks intuitively into their lives, always encouraging and stretching her audience to go a little farther than what they are naturally comfortable with.  The result is increased confidence and peace and knowledge of God’s love.

Joel and Cindy Incorvaia
Rainbow Prison Ministry

I have had the privilege of walking alongside the late Jill Austin and to meet her lovely friends.  Georgette O’Brien was one such friend!  Through the years I’ve seen her in many settings, but the things that have always stood out to me over time are her deep love of Jesus, her compassion for people and her hunger for more of God.  She is always pressing in to learn and grow in God, taking more training to sharpen her ministry skills, and selflessly ministering to others to bring freedom and wholeness to their lives.

Jill Austin had many spiritual sons and daughters, and Georgette was one who was mentored by Jill over the years.  Georgette moves in the fire of Holy Spirit, walks in the prophetic and words of knowledge, has keen discernment in setting people free, and moves with such godly wisdom and counsel.  She is passionate about the things that are on God’s heart and her enthusiasm is contagious!

As the founder of Transformed Heart Ministries, Georgette is an ordained minister, “life coach,” speaker, prayer minister, discipleship trainer, and a powerful intercessor.  If you want to see your life or others’ transformed, then I highly recommend that you contact Georgette.

Linda Valen
Ministry Director for Master Potter Ministries

I feel very honored to write a few words about Georgette O’Brien.  Georgette and I met in 2006 at a Deborah Conference in Brooklyn, New York.  We were quickly connected and became very good friends.  Not long after, she was invited to speak at the Christian Cultural Society, one of the clubs of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council.  She spoke at various occasions at the Christian Club and is known to the group as one who edifies, strengthens and encourages.  Her last message on fear helped many of us to stand strong, to learn to walk with the Lord and to pursue His love.  She travels almost every year at her own expense to come and share with the group what the Lord has put on her heart.  We love Georgette, and pray the Lord continues to bless her!

Margo Kemp, Acting President
Christian Cultural Society
United Nations Staff Recreation Council

I first met Georgette O’Brien through my wife, who asked that we invite her to minister to the women at our church.  Georgette first came to Hope Chapel in 2007 with a message of love and healing that encouraged the women and prepared their hearts for personal ministry.  Then Georgette and her team of prayer warriors prayed and prophesied over each one.  Tears and smiles and hugs were abundant as healing and words of destiny and vision were ministered in Jesus’ name.  Thank you Georgette!  God bless you!

Peter Kemp, Senior Pastor
Hope Chapel / Queens Foursquare Church
Astoria, New York

Georgette is a funnel of the Spirit.  She is a teacher, and she is an encourager to challenge others to go higher and deeper with their Creator, God.  But if we were to put one word to describe Georgette it is passionate!  She has a passion for Jesus that touches others so that they too experience that passion.  Whether old or young, the generations and the nations feel her passion wherever she ministers.  And that ministry is not limited to meetings, but can be in supermarkets, airplanes, the ladies’ room or school.  She connects and takes others into a closer walk with her King.  Her heart beats with the Lord and is seen in her walk with the Lord, bother personally and corporately.  Each time with Georgette we come away feeling deeply loved and treasured.

Dan and Sarah Shepler
West Coast Regional Directors
Healing Rooms