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Recap of 2011-2012: Year of Breaking Unbelief

by transformedheartministries

Transformed hearts makes transformed lives which transform cities. This is the year our ministry not only utilized the foundation class to impact lives, but also added Monday Evenings at Coastline Community Church. These Monday evenings gave way to people to use their God-given gifts to impact others. Our trained leaders rose to the position of teachers, and lives were impacted. We are thankful for all who were a party of this expansion of the ministry and lives. We look forward to minister more together in the future.

Season Finale @ Transformed Heart

Transformed Heart’s assignment since September was to establish identity in Christ and restore belief in a Big God who is supernatural, and loving in nature; whose heart is always for his sons and daughters and longs to restore all the enemy has tried to defraud us of. We have looked at who we are as […]