This is the season of the nameless faceless generation who walk in annoiting because of their intimacy with God. At one of our Monday Night meetings in May, a woman who had never attended before said she had a word for someone.  That word was that someone had several cysts and that surgery was needed, but God was going to be the surgeon and he was cutting them out right now.  Just as she was speaking a woman walked in late and heard the word cyst.  She too had never been there before.  She raised her hand , the woman with the word prayed for her, and today she sent a email saying she is totally healed and never had the surgery!  God is on the move!  Join us at one of our meetings this fall,  you too can join the nameless faceless generation who walks in Idenity with the Lord and is ready at anytime to be used by him to do the works and more that Jesus did on earth