On one of our Monday Nights someone gave a word of knowledge for cysts in female organs. A woman who had never come to any of our meetings before came up for prayer because she needed to have surgery for cists the following week. After we prayed for her she went to the doctor and found out she no longer needed surgery! We posted about this healing in our blog and one of our leaders saw the post and realized she knew the young woman who was healed! Our leader also needed healing for cysts so she went to see her friend who was just healed and received prayer from her. It was the first time the woman had ever prayed for healing for anyone. Then our leader was healed of her female issues as well!!! Now our leader has prayed for another woman who suffers from cysts and is waiting expectantly to hear if she has been healed as well.

We hope that this story encourages you by demonstrating the power of the domino affect of healing. When one person is healed they have authority to release healing for the same problem over others. This creates a ripple of healing in society and culture that gives all glory to God and his power and brings people into a greater knowledge of His Kingdom and how it works.