“I have been a bible study leader for many years and grew tired of seeing the same people every year come back, knowledgeable of the Word, but no victory in their life. I needed some tools to help them. I came to this class to help them to move on in their walk in the Lord, but instead I had a big surprise. I found it was more for me than them. As I learned, applied and believed what was presented, my life has grown from a passionate person of the Word to one passionate for the Word and full of the Holy Spirit’s leading to defeat apathy in my life. My life in now an adventure which holds new surprises every day.”

“What a special evening last night was! I spoke with a few moms that attended and one was reviewing her notes from your message when I called. All the moms I talked to were impacted by you sharing your experiences and wisdom. I’ve often thought of the things you shared – such important biblical facts as well as practical reminders! With much love and appreciation,”