I have walked with the Lord for over 25 years. In the past couple of years since I started taking the Leading through Ministry Classes (formerly Prayer Counseling), I can positively say that I have taken back my life and stopped the assault and outright attack that Satan has had on my life. I am no longer living a defeated walk, but a victorious and exciting walk day by day with my Lord. I KNOW that because I now understand more about the strategies meant to bring me down and live defeated. I have even had victory over an area of my life that started in the beginning of my life with my mom. That foundation was (based on) a lie and I had built on it for 47 years! I have now brought truth to those areas and can see and feel how God has given me a backbone based on His Truth and His Love. This stuff is easy to say, but not so easy to do. Working through each area, trusting the Lord and His body and coming with a “reckless abandonment” to all He has for me in this life — I have found it!! A transformed heart, and freedom that makes me dance! Really dance!